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If you are looking for an informative resource where you can get detailed information about The Decent movie, then you need not to search any further as you have landed at the right resource. It is a resource that will act as a comprehensive guide to learn in detail regarding the famous horror movie The Descent by Neil Marshall. You will get to know all kinds of details about this descent movie right here with us.

Descent movie is basically a horror movie that was written and directed by Neil Marshall produced in Britain in the year 2005. The genre of movie the Descent is horror and its main lead include an of all-female caste. It basically features a story of six women trapped in an unmapped cave system somewhere in Appalachian Mountains of North America. You will get to know more details right here in this resource which is dedicated to provide you comprehensive overview of The Descent movie.

Get complete details about The Descent movie here by exploring the entire resource featuring all kind of information regarding this horror movie. It will surely result in strengthening your knowledge about the popular horror Descent movie.


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