Designing Creature for Descent Movie

The designing creature for Descent movie was a work of much significance as they were largely responsible for creating the horror element in The Descent movie. The underground creatures for Descent movie were called as crawlers by the production team for the film.

The design of creature for Descent movie was to be developed according to the description provided by Neil Marshall, the writer and the director of The Descent movie. He described the crawlers as cavemen that had remained underground and had been able to adapt the changes perfectly to thrive in the cave. Another important consideration to be kept in mind while thinking about creature design for Descent movie that they had no vision, however had acute hearing and smell and function perfectly in the pitch black. Another important feature of the creature for Descent movie was that they were excellent climbers, so they can go up any rock face and that is their world.

An interesting thing to know about the horrible creature for Descent movie is that filmmakers did not reveal the creature design for Descent movie to its cast until they were shown in the scenes in which the characters happen to encounter the creatures, so that expression representing natural tension can be visible seen on accesses face.

The design of creature for Descent movie was given by Paul Hyett, who happens to be an expert makeup artist and prosthetics creator. According to the production designer of the movie The Descent, Simon Bowles had expressed that the crawler design had began as big-eyed and more creature-like, however this design drifted away toward a more human appearance. Originally, it was considered that the creatures would be having pure white skin. However this look went minor changes to give it a grungier look. The skin was initially of phosphorescent however the effect was quite bright, loud and reflective in the darkened set, thus some changes were made for them to blend in shadows.


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