Plot Of Descent Movie

In this article, you will get to read about the plot of Descent movie. The given review features the summary of the entire Descent movie plot to give you a fair idea about this horror film.

The plot of The Descent movie is such that it features story of six women who get trapped badly inside an unmapped cave system. In other words the plot in Descent movie shows how a caving expedition undertaken by group of six girlfriends as a leisurely activity goes horribly wrong and they get trapped and ultimately chased upon by strange breed of predators. The plot of Descent movie is set among female friends and how they get trapped in unmapped caves system. The story begins with Juno, Sarah and Beth rafting in whitewater in Scotland. Paul, who happens to the Sarah's husband Paul and their daughter Jessica are waving wave and cheering them standing on the shore. When they are done with the rafting and are returning back to their hotel, Paul gets distracted that caused a head-on collision. Paul and Jessica are killed by this accident, however Sarah survives.

Plot of The Descent movie describing the story after a gap of year represents Juno, Sarah, Beth, Sam and Rebecca are reunited in the remote mountain range known as Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, USA for their yearly adventure. Here Holly, who happens to be Juno's new friend, gets introduced to other ladies. A caving is undertaken by six friends and they started off well while enjoying the dangerous however attractive surroundings. Then, when they get deeper into the cave, a catastrophe happened and their way back to the surface gets frozen because of a rock fall.

Then they get to know that Juno, who has the habit of always pushing herself little bit further, has brought all of them to an unmapped cave, and there is no chance of any rescue team coming to them. Now, the group started to break away. However, upon realizing that there is no other choice being left, all of them began to push on through the cave and hoping to find some alternative path to exit from the cave. The strong women battle through the difficult underground world, playing off with their strength and determination against ever new difficulty they faced.

The plot in Descent movie unfolds and girls get to know about new dangers they have to face. They get to know that there is something else hanging around inside the earth, an unknown race of horrible creatures that are secreted from the light, germinated to live perfectly in the dark. As the friends got to understood that they have become prey, they are forced to let loose their most prehistoric instincts to face the creatures. As the old wounds uncap and loyalties are shattered, the women realize the hideous truth that more than the fatal creatures they have most to fear from one another.


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