Descent Movie Marketing

A design resembling the skull of women was used in Descent movie marketing. This design that got featured in some of the advertising merchandising was actually based on Philippe Halsman's In Voluptas Mors photograph.

The Descent movie marketing in the United Kingdom was launched with all the pomp and show; however it got affected by the incidents of bombings in London during July 2005.

The process of marketing of Descent movie in London included the appearance of various ads to be shown on the public transport system of London that also comprises of bus that got exploded in the bombing. This bus featured particular ad from the campaign of marketing Descent movie in a way that it carried a poster having the quote saying, "Outright terror... bold and brilliant," and showed a frighten woman who was screaming in a tunnel.

Following this incidence, the Descent movie’s theatrical distributor for the United Kingdom, Pathe, called back all the posters from their placement in the London and the Descent movie marketing campaign was reworked. The word terror was omitted from the advertised reviews of The Descent movie.

The new and revamped Descent movie marketing was distributed to TV and radio stations along UK. The distributor's marketing chief, Anna Butler, described the new approach of marketing of Descent movie as a move to concentrate on the women who were all standing together to fighting back. It looked in-sync with the prevailing mood of defiance that had set in the weekend after the bombing incidents.

There are various critics that also included the writers for Variety and The Times, remarked on the Descent movie marketing and the unfortunate coincidence. Because of these bombing incidents there was some initial issue that the Descent Movie release might get deferred out of sensitivity for the tragedy however Pathe finally chose to release the film The Descent on scheduled date with a slightly reorganized advertising campaign of marketing of Descent movie.


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