Sequel Of Descent Movie

A sequel of Descent movie which is a horror movie was released on 2 December, 2009 in United Kingdom. The name of the sequel to Descent movie is ‘The Descent Part 2’. Read on the given review that will help you know in detail about The Descent movie sequel.

The sequel of The Descent movie i.e., The Descent Part 2 is a basically a British horror movie that got released commercially in 2009. It was shoot at Ealing Studios in London during 2008 and got released commercially in cinemas in United Kingdom by the end of the year 2009 on 2 December and on DVD on 27 April 2010 in the United States of America. This sequel of Descent movie was produced by Christian Colson and Paul Ritchie was co-producer along with Neil Marshall, who was also the writer and director of the original version, as executive producer.

The inspiration to come up with sequel of The Descent movie came along because of the commercial as well as critical success received by the fist film. The filmmakers decided to produce a sequel to Descent movie. Neil Marshall was given the duty of overseeing the production of The Descent movie sequel. The shooting got started in the month of May 2008 at Ealing Studios in London. Shauna MacDonald who plays the character of Sarah in the original movie The Descent was again signed to play the same role in the sequel of Descent movie, The Descent Part 2. Majority of the other original cast members also came back to play the same respective roles again although they were shown in flashbacks and possible hallucinations.

Although the sequel to Descent movie was picturised on all three of the main stages at Ealing Studios however some of the scenes were also shot on location at the Bourne Woods that is near Farnham in southwest Surrey, England. The shooting was done using big sets, miniatures, and blue screen digital images. The production of the sequel to Descent movie was managed and designed by Simon Bowles who was also responsible for designing the original film and it was art directed by Mark Scruton. The sets for sequel of Descent movie were built by DRS Construction and Armordillo.


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